Helpful Moving Tips
moving into new homeEven if you have moved before moving is a disruption to your routine.  Reduce your stress by sticking to your plan.  It is best to have a well-planned strategy and to factor in what items can be stored and where and for how long, the de-cluttering and how to best organize.

Hiring a baby sitter and someone to care for your pets the day of the move will allow you to focus on the tasks that need your attention.

Plan a garage sale, or listing items for sale on Kijiji and items to be donated should be taken care of as soon as possible.

If You Own Your Current Home

Your utilities should be notified at least 30 days in advance and arrange for the gas, water and elecyric meter read on the day you leave and to avoid late disconnection fees.  A change Address should be made with the MTO and Canada post 2 weeks prior to your move day.  Remember to make a list of the service providers in your new home and notify them of your expected date of occupancy.

If your property is serviced by oil remember to have it filled close to the closing and forward the receipt to your lawyer.

Book your movers as soon as you can.  There are very busy times of the year and booking early will help you get your reservation secured.  Always get a few estimates from moving companies to allow yourself a choice of services and fees.

Cancel or transfer rental agreements.  Be sure to leave all documentation for rental agreements to be assumed and security codes if applicable.

If You Rent Your Present Home

Review your lease agreement and provide the landlord with the written notice within the required timelines.  Deposit monies should be returned as per the tenancy agreement.

At the New Home

Make arrangements with the service providors, (electricity, water, garbage, telephone and internet) to be connected on the closing day.

Some other considerations