Costs to Purchase

What are the costs?

Purchasing a home involves some one-time expenses.  In addition to the down payment which normally represents 5 to 25%  of the purchase price it is prudent for buyers to prepare for other expenses they may be required to pay which can include:
Expense                                                                            PAID
Mortgage Application     At Closing
Appraisal fee   At time of inspection
Property Inspection    At time of inspection
Legal Fees    Closing
Real Estate Fees    Closing
Legal Disbursements    Closing
Deed/mortgage registration    Closing
Property Survey    At time of completion
Land Transfer, deed Tax or Property Purchase Tax    Closing
Mortgage Transfer fee/Interest Adjustment or Penalty    Closing
Title Insurance    Closing
Adjustments for Fuel, Taxes, Utilities etc.    Closing
Mortgage Insurance (administrative fee if applicable)    Closing
Home and Property Insurance    Closing and Ongoing
Connection charges for utilities such as cable, gas water, hydro    Date of Move
Moving Expenses    Date of Move
The typical monthly carrying costs associated with hoe ownership include but are not limited to: mortgage payments, maintenance, insurance, condo fees, property taxes and all utilities. Other costs that may arise include: